Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Brisbane Staycation - Suitcase Rummage

One of the best ideas I've come across in a long time, the Suitcase Rummage is an urban flea market that takes over Reddacliffe Place in Brisbane's CBD on the first Sunday of each month.

I've had this one on my 'must check out' list for a while and my month of blogging gave me the perfect excuse to tick it off. I love a good market, but an un-tested market can be deadly endeavour.

You never know if you're going to be surrounded by dated handi-crafts that aren't quite retro or you feel like you've just walked into a discount shop filled with imported plastic junk. There's the risk of their being too much fresh produce when you've already done your grocery shop, nothing but second hand kids toys and a handful of bad-smelling jackets or, even worse, it's full of amazing vintage buys but everything is out of your price range.

What makes a virgin market visit all the more intimidating is when you bring a friend along with you and you're responsible for the success or failure of the market outing.

Luckily the Brisbane Suitcase Rummage was a gold-mine of second-hand clothes and hand-made goods. On top of this it has an organic, spur-of-the-moment feel, as all the stall holders bring their goods in suitcases and display them on picnic blankets like a car-boot sale with no cars. This makes a refreshing change from the professional looking fit-outs of gazebos an designer-styled product displays. It took me right back to my childhood of wandering around the Redland Bay flea market with a 50c coin in my hand that I could spend however I wanted. (Usually I came home with some strange ceramic animal that has long since returned to an op-shop somewhere).

The day we visited the stalls were heavily weighted towards second-hand clothes. Most of which were relatively new, though there was a skew towards smaller sizes. There were a few vintage sellers there and a handful of hand-made crafts on offer, but the restrictions of 'bring your stock in suitcases' means you are likely to be browsing clothing if you attend.

I snagged a lovely blue cardigan and a floral button up shirt, but there were many more gems in the piles that I couldn't afford. This makes me sound like I have absolutely no money, which is true until I finish up my university degree. I'll definitely be returning with some more cash in hand to refill my wardrobe next month.

Staycation Summary

What: Suitcase Rummage
Where: Redacliffe Place, Brisbane CBD
When: First Sunday of every month
How much: Free! Unless you want to buy things - but flea market prices, so pretty cheap
Recommended for: Bargain hunters, general browsers, vintage clothes shoppers
note - there is also a Suitcase Rummage in Melbourne at the Thornbury Theatre 

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  1. What a cool thing! I wonder if they do this in Perth...