Thursday, May 9, 2013

Living Below the Line - Day 3

End of day 3 - Looks like I'm going to be fine for the last 2 days

It's officially half way!

The general consensus across all my fellow LBLer's is that Day 2 sucked beyond the telling of it, but it was definitely the worst.

I also came the joyous realisation that I had been rationing my food so severely that I have a metaphorical cornucopia of foodstuff for the last two days of my challenge. (2 eggs for breakfast today!)

I'm also feeling particularly enthused as I submitted a major assignment last night and am now proceeding rapidly towards the end of semester.

Food for Day 3...

Breakfast - 1 bowl of porridge (getting used to the lack of sweet-stuff on it) (7c)

+ a glass of boiling water (which tastes nothing like tea, but is free)

Boiling water ≠ Tea

Mid morning snack - 2 pieces of buttered toast (13c)

Lunch - noodles and vegetables in broth  (29c)

Afternoon snack - 1 pear (33c)

Literally the best thing I've eaten all week

Dinner - a much better version of pasta where I wasn't so impatient and cooked a nice pasta sauce with fried zucchini and pear parley (74c)

It could still do with some cheese - but much better than the last pasta effort

Day 3 total = $1.56

In just two days I'll be able to eat whatever I want, but there are people the world over that don't have the luxury. Please donate to Live Below the Line to help children in Cambodia and New Guinea break out of the poverty cycle by getting an education.

You can sponsor me in my Live Below the Line Challenge by clicking here. The money raised goes towards educating children in Cambodia and New Guinea in order to break the poverty cycle

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