Friday, May 10, 2013

Living Below the Line - Day 4

End of day 4 - I'll be feasting on oats & eggs for my last day

It's the last day of my Live Below the Line Challenge and I'm amazed by how quickly I slipped into the routine of counting everything I ate. That being said, I will be exceedingly glad to put the home brand pasta aside on Saturday and eat whatever I like.

Yesterday was relatively non-eventful. With a full day in the office there wasn't much to tempt me which made it easier. I did long for a cup of tea when I got home though. One more day and it will be rivers of tea again.

I had a much easier day of it today which was a combination of being frugal with my food at the start of the week leaving me much more to eat in the last few days and the psychology of knowing it would be over soon.

Breakfast - a bowl of porridge and 2 poached eggs on toast (65c)

Breakfast of kings!
Lunch - 2 minute noodles with vegetables and barley in broth (43c)

Afternoon Snack - 1 pear (33c)

Dinner - Leftover pasta with zucchini & barley (74c)

Day 4 total - $2.15 (I know, I went over by 15c - but considering I ate under $1.50 all the other days of the week, I'll let this one slide)

With only one day left of the challenge I'm reflecting on how lucky I am that come Saturday morning I can eat a plate of pancakes and bacon. I can drink as much tea as I like. I can pop up to the shops for fresh vegetables and free range eggs and chocolate and coffee. I was lucky enough to be born in a country where an education is easily accessible and my parents were able to put food on the table three times a day.

If you can say the same thing I urge you to please donate to Live Below the Line to help give an education to children in Cambodia and New Guinea and release them from the cycle of poverty. I'm only $80 away from my fundraising goal - if just 8 people donate $10 I will make it.

Thank you to the generosity of those who have donated already. I, and others you will never meet, heartily appreciate it.

DFTBA every body!

Please support my effors the Live Below the Line Challenge by clicking here. Even a couple of dollars will make the difference! The money raised goes towards educating children in Cambodia and New Guinea in order to break the poverty cycle

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